Anatomy of a Bookshelf #9

Reference Books Shelf 2

Bookshelf 9

1. The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs

I love Element Encyclopedias – they’re so accessible and user friendly. I love dipping in and out of this, and have used it on a number of occasions for my writing.

2. The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures

I bought this at University and haven’t used another book more since. It’s beautiful, and full of great information about really random mythical beasts. I just love it.

3. Encyclopedia of Spirits

Can you tell I got into a bit of a habit of buying these? Okay, some of them were bought for me – my mother indulged my passion, as did Carole Heidi – but I still bought enough to fill a whole bookshelf.

4. Dictionary of the Unexplained

I think this one was actually bought in a ‘book box’ and I just claimed it.

5. The New Encyclopedia of the Occult

I dread to think how much money I spent – probably well over £200. I felt so rich every time those student loans came in…

6. World Mythology

I bought this for my Science Fiction and Fantasy module in third year. Hated my tutor (he was a twit) but loved indulging in making up worlds and plumbing mythology for ideas.

7. How to do Just About Everything

I was given this. Can’t say I’ve used it very often. It’s like Google, but in book form.

8. How to do More of Just About Everything

See above.

9. InDesign CS4 for Dummies

I was given this with a version of InDesign back when I thought that might be the sort of thing I’d like to do with my life. I even did work experience in a company that made leaflets and stuff. I learnt loads of useful things but mostly apply them to dossing around in photoshop…

10. How to Build a Brain by Richard Elwes

I think this belongs to my sister. Or she had two copies and gave one to me or something. It looks like one of her ‘I’m going to Uni to do Maths’ read around the subject books. Can’t think why else I would have it!

11. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

This also belonged to a sister (a different one) who was doing A Level English and doing very well at it. She gave it to me when she went off to do Media at Uni and I started studying English Post-Grad.

12. Wonders of the Solar System by Professor Brian Cox

I like space. I don’t like Brian Cox. I think he probably got his job because he’s sort of, almost pretty. That’s probably very uncharitable of me, but something about him just rubs me up the wrong way.

13. The Mythic Bestiary

I think this is the one Mum bought me. It’s really lovely with great illustrations. And like all the other books in this pile is too tall and wide to fit on my bookshelf properly.

14. A Nation Challenged

This belongs to the Boyfriend. I’m not sure why he has it. It’s like a collection of newspaper cuttings and photographs from the 9/11 disaster. I imagine it was given to him by someone, but what a morbid present?! Who knows. He probably doesn’t remember either.

And that is the last of my bookshelves! I only have two units, and one of the shelves is full of TV Series box sets. I’d love to have a proper built in bookshelf – it’s on the list of plans for the spare room, but I think that’s some way off yet. Maybe in a couple of year’s time!


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