Cover Lust #7 – Talus and the Frozen King

Cover Lust #7 – Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards


Fantasy covers have a bad reputation for being cheesy and over the top. It’s a lingering impression that still mars the genre, despite some fantastic work by fantasy cover artists – much in the same way that certain literati don’t consider fantasy to be ‘proper’ writing.

But look at that beauty! I love the colour wash – so chilly, that even on this lovely warm spring morning, I’m feeling a bit of a shiver. The font is sharp and icy, calling to mind swords and blades as much as shards of ice – doing double duty for the content.

I like the background – what are those towering rock things? It calls to mind faerie circles and magic. I’ve not read this book yet, but I get a kind of spooky, mysterious feeling from the full moon, the snow, the impression of trees in the background.

And then the central figure – one assumes the frozen king himself. I like how his clothes are all bluish purple – purple the colour of royalty – echoing the cold colours in the background.

I’m really looking forwards to reading this one, and I hope that the content lives up to the eye-catching and interesting cover.


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