Cover Lust #6 – If You Find Me

Cover Lust #6 – If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

if you find me paperback

There’s something strangely unnerving about this beauty, from the almost the same trees that look like a child drew them, to the garish yellow colour.

I’m a really big fan of these simplistic cover designs with black backgrounds and bold colours. I find them very striking – they certainly make an impression on a book shelf or display. The little details, like the people in the middle of the trees and the way all the trees are slightly different, just add to the beautiful style of it. And the way the trees crowd in on the letters – very claustrophobic!

I find it very enticing – it makes me wonder straight away what’s contained within the pages. That’s enough to get my curiosity going and then I really want to read the book. Book cover job done.


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