Cover Lust #1 – The Truth About Forever

More new alternative content. There are so many great covers out there, I thought it would be nice to give a few of the great ones a bit of coverage, for your viewing pleasure!

Cover Lust #1 – The Truth About Forever


There is so much to love about this. From the beautiful pastel colours – not traditionally girly, but matched with the images they become somehow girl – to the stylised images that give a glimpse of the content of the book, everything works together to create a perfect piece of book cover eye candy.

I like how simple it is, while it’s still very busy. The way the shapes blend together to make the heart shape is really lovely, but I especially like how there’s an odd bud and shoelace sticking outside of the clean heart line. It gives it a soft, naturalness somehow, and makes it all the more beautiful.


The best thing is Sarah Dessen has a whole series of covers like this. Imagine having the whole set. I would have to line them up on my bookshelf facing outwards.

I really really want to read this book, purely because of the cover. I have no idea what the story is, but I don’t care. When I eventually get a copy of this, I’m probably going to spend ten minutes just staring at it before diving in.


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