January Reading List

Sooooo… Just about managed to read my 100 books of the year. With minimal cheating. Given that three of those books were Game of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings and Under the Dome (each monstrous epics) I feel this negates the reading of free, short porn books and other such cheaty methods I’ve used. Overall, by laws of averages, I’ve probably read enough pages to be worth 100 average sized YA books.

Looking back at my December reading list, I’m just laughing really. I read… One of them. Then promptly moved on to every single short book I own. Plus other half finished books I had. And then a stupid picture book because I was on 99 books read yesterday with about 12 hours and a birthday party to go.

This is what I actually read:

Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch

Review here.

Sam and Fuzzy Volumes 1-3 by Sam Logan

Graphic Novels aren’t CHEATING. No, really they aren’t. And these were great – odd ball set up, bonkers characters and fun drawing, with satisfyingly complicated, but suitably episodic plots. I really enjoyed the couple of afternoons it took to read all three.

World War Z by Max Brooks

Review here.

Last to Rise by Francis Knight

Blimey, Francis Knight bangs these out. That’s the whole trilogy this year! I wish all sequels came out as fast. This was really good, again, with fun characters, mounting tension and a resolution that at once makes you cheer for character development and cry because it’s really quite sad.

I can’t say much more than that without spoilers.


A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan

Not the best book I’ve ever read – I read about five chapters months ago, and never bothered to finish. But those five chapters already checked off made this alluring once again. Just not for any of the right reasons. It wasn’t that it was terrible. I was just kind of twelve-year-old boy fodder. And I’m not a twelve-year-old boy. 


A White Hot Christmas by Adrianne James

Downloaded this because it was pretty high on the free list on Christmas day, and Charlie and I do love to read a bad soft porn book together. This was suitably cheesy, short and topical. Plus it had firefighters, which always makes me laugh, as the reality of living with one (as I do) is rarely portrayed with any accuracy.

This built up to a lot then sort of. Ended. Abruptly. It had a few lines that made me laugh my head off (lady parts tingling, anyone?) but for a free christmas read it really wasn’t bad.


The Tulip Touch by Anne Fine

Got this from the work library – it’s the shabbiest copy ever. Obviously well thumbed through. And I can see why. For a kids’ book, it’s creepy as hell. Not in the expect ‘ghosts/monsters/supernatural’ way that is oh so popular at the moment, but in the ‘god people can be messed up’ sort of way. The downward spiral of Tulip and how she drags her friend down with her is gloriously painted by Anne Fine – who I had the pleasure of meeting once. I was only about eleven, so I don’t really remember much, except that she had the most spectacular hair. That aside, this really is deserving of the title ‘children’s classic’ and a must read for anyone who likes to be a bit creeped out.


Daz4Zoe by Robert Swindells

While the contrivance of Daz – poorly educated and barely literate – writing phonetically was irritating as hell almost all the way through (I got the hang of reading it after a while) and the whole love at first sight Romeo and Juliet thing is getting more than a little old, the stuff going on in the background of this make it well worth a read. I wasn’t too interested in Daz or Zoe, nor did I really feel their love connection. But as a vehicle to paint a picture of society well and truly gone to hell, they work well. Their obliviousness of everything except each other allows Swindells to give little hints and clues about the reality of the world they live in in a masterful way. A book that will leaving you feeling more than a little uneasy.


The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks

Another book I’d been dipping into for some time that I figured I should finally finish. A jacket quote described it as ‘a tome you start reading for fun and then at page 50 you go out and buy a machete just to be on the safe side.’ I can’t really describe it any more eloquently than that.


The Way of F**k It by John C. Parkin and Gaia Pollini

NO THIS ISN’T CHEATING EITHER. Okay, maybe a little. This book is mostly pictures and took me less time to read than it did to get off my butt and find it on the shelf. Vaguely entertaining, with some interesting ideas. I imagine this could be a revelation to someone who is trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, but I’m actually generally quite happy. So it mostly went over my head.


January Reading List

I have two review books to read:

Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley

The Seers by Julianna Scott

A book borrowed from a friend:

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

And a book pulled from the book jar (about three months ago):

Binary by Michael Crichton


2 thoughts on “January Reading List

  1. CaroleHeidi says:

    I must have borrowed our school copy of the Tulip Toich about four times lol. Loved that book. Love Anne Fine in general actually.

    Meant to ask btw, I have one of Marcus sedgewicks books that I’ve had for years at my parents – not from that Raven series but another one. Totally didn’t twig it was the same guy. Do you want to borrow it?


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