I Wish I Was Better At Drawing…

Due to my complete inability to focus on anything for more than about a minute at the moment, I’ve fallen quite drastically behind in my Goodreads target of 100 books. To be fair, I have got at least three half finished books that I could probably polish off in a couple of hours for each, which would push me back up to ‘on target’ but between now and the Christmas break, I can’t see myself sparing that sort of time and actually using it for anything other than vegging out in front of the television.

So, in a bid to do a bit more reading, and because I heard a podcast about it, I’ve been reading some online comics. Comics that have conveniently been collated into books, which I’m totally counting on Goodreads.

The beauty of this plan is that the webcomics only load one page at a time, so I only have to concentrate on a few panels at a time. Which my cottage cheese brain can handle. I can then recharge and come back to it. It’s designed to be read in short bursts.

But it’s really making me wish I could draw. I have a couple of story ideas that I think would work really well as Graphic Novels, or webcomics. Not that I know the first thing about either, because I really really can’t draw, so I’ve never really bothered looking into it, but in my mind I can picture it – a little fantasy daydream of the webcomic that will never be.

I can copy pretty well. I’ve got better at drawing people because I’ve been drawing a few in my story bible, but they’re all copied from pictures I’ve found on Google. I’m just getting more accurate at making them look like the picture.

The thought of being able to create a character, draw them from what I think they should look like in my head, is just beyond me. Being able to do that, then being able to draw them the same again and again and again? Yeah, in my most fantastical dreams.

I’ll stick to playing with photoshop to make prompts and materials for my current project idea… Currently making some WW2 style propaganda posters. I’ll leave you to wonder what for…


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