Twilight 5k

No… at twilight, not dressed as sparkly vampires.

Though we will be wearing sparkly fairy lights.

I haven’t had the time to prepare half as much as I would have liked. Two weeks since I came off the ‘no exercise’ ruling of the doctor’s and since I have been to the gym twice for gentle sessions. Both went well, with no knee pain, but then I did have a day this week where my whole leg ached so much I felt like I was limping everywhere. I’m sure my knee caused this, pulling on all the other muscles so they hurt, but I’m also sure it was very much exacerbated by a late night spent sat on the world’s most uncomfortable chair at work.

So, I’m a little apprehensive about tonight, but hopeful.

To give myself the best chance, I will be doing plenty of stretches through the day. I have a whole set from the physio that stretch my calves and hamstrings – apparently stretching either side of the knee is going to help get it back into alignment or something. I’m supposed to do them three times a day, but I’m pretty bad at it. I tend to do them when I have to stand up for long periods at work with nothing better to do. So they get done, but not as regularly as perhaps I should.

I’ll also be drinking plenty. My mouth is like sawdust now – I had my recommended daily amount of water yesterday, but I had it all fairly early then didn’t drink anything for ages. Little and often today to ensure I’m hydrated for the race.

Lastly, I’ll eat a big lunch but only a light dinner – perhaps some toast and a banana. That way I won’t be jogging on a full stomach. Won’t help my knee much, but it will prevent me feeling sick.

Ever since I started exercising, I’ve really started noticing the impact of food and drink on my body. Ever since I ran with a hangover, I’ve been a much more moderate drinker (not that I was ever a big drinker before – I barely touch alcohol these days) and though I’ve never dunk coffee or tea (caffeine makes me feel sick), I know my mother really feels it when she’s been drinking coffee over water.

Just the other day I had egg, chips and cheese for dinner. And while I needed it at the time – comfort food is occasionally necessary – I felt it the next day in my lethargy. Fortunately, in about 40 minutes, a shop from Ocado will be arriving, so I’ll have plenty of nice veg to make my lunch really tasty and healthy. Pasta or rice for carbs will make sure I have plenty of energy.

Of course, this is just a 5k. The Boyfriend, long time runner and half marathon veteran, would scoff at these preparations. But we’ve always both agreed that running is about 90% mental power over physical fitness, and I’m going to go into today with the best mental mindset I can.

Maybe that way I’ll be able to jog most, if not all of the way round!

The Race For Life is sponsored by Aqua Pura


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