Signed Books

I have a growing collection of signed books. I’m fortunate that as part of my job I’ve had the opportunity to meet three authors, and I was taught at University by another.

There’s something really magical about hearing authors talk about their craft. It never fails to inspire me and make me wish I could do it more often. I always buy a book at these events, not least because they’ve often been free events, but also because it’s the perfect way, in my view, of thanking the author for his or her time and energy.

Most recently, I was lucky enough to see Charlie Higson speak. I hadn’t read any of his books, but I was aware of the massive popularity of his Enemy series. And, you know, zombie fangirl over here couldn’t wait. It was an intimate session – maybe only a hundred or so people in the theatre, maybe slightly more. I spent the entire time with a child’s knee in the back of my chair, but this didn’t dent my enthusiasm and enjoyment of the event.

My signed books have pride of place on my bookshelf, grouped together with each other rather than filing away separately under my (admittedly incomprehensible and oft changing) system. I can’t wait to have the chance to add to my collection.



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