The Bargain Games Club: Fallout New Vegas

fallout new vegasFallout New Vegas
Price: From £5

I really enjoyed Fallout 3, New Vegas’ predecessor, and so got very excited when I saw this for the ‘amazing’ price of £25.

At the time, to be fair, it probably was an amazing price. If I’d known I wouldn’t get round to playing it ’til now, I would have waited. But that’s the general point of the Bargain Games Club.

Fallout New Vegas follows much the same mechanics as Fallout 3. You are a character who has cause to explore the wasteland, with a series of main quests to follow, alongside a load of side quests you can pick up. Combat can be up close and personal, or ranged with a variety of weapons to suit either style. The V.A.T.S. targeting system is still used, and the levelling system of points and perks is much unchanged.

What makes New Vegas different is the introduction of factions to the wasteland. Now, instead of just having an overall ‘karma’ score, tallying good and bad deeds, your popularity with several different – opposing – factions is tracked.

This adds an interesting element of decision making to the quests. Before, it was blanket ‘good’ or ‘evil’ choices, but now things are more complicated, with multiple points of view to consider before actions are committed to.

I’m undecided about this, even after completing the game. On the one hand, it does add a bit of variety to proceedings, but on the other – as a stickler for finishing everything and doing as many of the missions as I can, it was annoying to have pathways cut off for me before I even realised what I was doing. Also, I hate the thought of playing through such an enormous game a second time just to have the option to do some of the things I missed. New Vegas is a massive, sprawling time-suck, which isn’t necessarily a problem the first time round, but I’m not voluntarily going back in there again, especially given how buggy it was, and how often it crashed my Playstation, necessitating a manual restart.

New Vegas also offers Hardcore Survival Mode, where your character has to eat/drink/sleep etc to survive. But I turned that off. I don’t play games (unless it’s The Sims) to eat and sleep, thanks.

New Vegas retains much of the spectacle and beauty of Fallout 3, with expansive areas to explore, loads of really varied weapons and modifications to help you create the character you envision, and a detailed storyline. It’s just a shame it’s so bug ridden – even with Playstation updates automatically downloaded on installation – as that, as well as the massive amount of hours needed to play through, makes me reluctant to fully explore the world from the multiple perspectives intended.

Which is, I guess, why it’s going for so cheap these days!

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