Books or Authors I’ve Always Wanted to Read

I think it’s the one downfall of being a book blogger – there are some books that invariably get pushed to the bottom of the TBR pile as reviews come through that need reading quickly, or just get passed over for something else shiny and new time and time again.

In fact, since I started receiving review requests direct from publishers and having success with NetGalley (way too much success – my TBR from this alone is ridiculous; I’ve had to stop requesting) I rarely read anything that isn’t a review book. It’s why I started setting myself a challenge to read a review, self pub, borrowed and book off my shelf every month, but even that’s gone to pot lately.

Today I finished a book by Simone Elkeles (review to follow in a couple of days) who I’d been hankering to read since I first saw the gorgeous covers for her Perfect Chemistry series. It made me think of a few authors and books who’ve been on my ‘get ahold of a copy sometime soon’ list for quite a while.

Book cover for Maureen Johnson's The Key to the Golden FirebirdMaureen Johnson

I’ve been following the queen of YA on twitter and find her hilarious. I’m sure her books would be just as kooky and lively and funny as she is, and I’ve been dying to read one forever.

I’ve heard many, many good things from other book bloggers, which has only made me want to read them more – it’s a shame my local library is so limited in its stock of YA books. I’ve looked a few times and never managed to pin one down. I’m going to have to order one in specially next time I’m there, I think.

Sarah Dessensarah dessen cover

Sarah managed to get about ten books onto the last ‘How Many of these Top YA Books have you Read’ list that I looked at. Having not read anything of hers seriously limited my score on the list, but quite apart from that, her books look really fun and moving and romantic.

And that’s just from the covers. I mean, look at that thing. It’s just gorgeous girly eye candy.

Again, there are many good things on the blogosphere about Sarah’s books, and I must get round to reading this soon.

bookthiefThe Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

This was big round about the time I was in my second year at Uni. A friend was really enthusiastic about it – so much so that I went out and bought a copy for myself… and never read it. I’m sure the unique point of view will win me over as it did thousands of other people, but for some reason I keep pushing it to the bottom of my pile.

Sat where I am right now, I can see it on my bookshelf, sandwiched between The Blade Itself and The Satanic Verses – two books I bought at around the same time as The Book Thief and haven’t read either. It was obviously just a bad period for buying books to subsequently ignore for many years…

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchellcloud atlas

This one I also bought at Uni back when I think it was on offer as part of the Richard and Judy book club (probably with The Book Thief and some others) and read a couple of pages but then put it down in favour of my actual Uni reading list. And never picked it up again.

With the film coming out recently (and a friend of mine getting so obsessed, they had a Cloud Atlas related tattoo), it has been firmly back in my awareness. But I still haven’t picked it up. Yet.


Daughter of Isis by Kelsey Ketch

Now for a book that isn’t even out yet…

I’ve known Kelsey pretty much since I started blogging about three years ago. (I say ‘known’ – I’ve never actually met her, but I feel like I know her!) She’s always been very interested in and supportive of my writing, so as soon as I heard she had an agent and was looking to get a book published, I’ve been dying to read it.

Because of how long the publishing process is, I’ve been dying to read this almost as long as all the rest of the books on my list. Just recently, she revealed the cover. I think it’s gorgeous and it just makes me want to read the book even more.

Who or what have you been waiting ages to read?


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