August Reading List

I’m not doing well at reading what is actually on my lists at the moment… So I’m going to dedicate August to catching up all the books I haven’t read. I’ll probably fail and read a load more books I shouldn’t be reading…

This month I read:

Before the Fall by Francis Knight (Rojan Dizon #2)

After destroying Mahala’s source of power, Rojan and his friends fight to keep the city from plummeting into chaos. Two armies are sat outside their doors, and there are enemies inside the city as well. Can Rojan pull the crumbling city back together?

This is much the same as the first instalment – high stakes action, roguish but ultimately likeable main character, high concept fantasy world. A really enjoyable sequel that deals well with the fallout of the previous book without stalling in the plot department as so many second in series books are wont to do. A fabulous read.


Of Saint and Shadows by Christopher Golden

Peter Octavian is a vampire PI. Which always sets alarm bells ringing in my head, but Golden’s vampire world is original, well constructed and as full of blood and sex as a vampire world ought to be. Peter is looking for a missing girl. Through his investigations, he comes to realise that she isn’t the only one who’s disappeared or died under mysterious circumstances. A secret sect of the church are trying to bring about the end of all vampires and they’re planning to finish the job.

An entertaining read with great world building. I’ll definitely be reading the sequel.


Must Love Dragons by Stephanie Rowe

Theresa is sick of being stuck in her dragon form, so she makes a pact with the devil to turn her human again. First thing she wants to do? Meet with deliciously sexy Zeke, her online cybersex partner. Only it turns out Zeke is a dragon hunter, designed to kill her, and when the devil wants the Goblet of Eternal Youth in return for making her human, Theresa winds up in a whole load of trouble.

This was pretty ridiculous, but mildly entertaining all the same. Stupid plot lines, but enough romance to make it worth sticking with. A beach-read.


Succubus in the City by Nina Harper

Lily is a succubus in Satan’s inner circle. She can only return to mortal life if a human falls in love with her for who she really is, not just the irresistible succubus side.

Which would carry a lot more weight if Lily truly hated her gig, but she doesn’t. This book was all kinds of stupid. Shallow characters, sexist views about men, a plot that barely got started, and for a book about a succubus there isn’t even very much sex. It tries to be Sex and the City, but is devoid of any charm. Interesting concept poorly executed.


Faking It by Cora Carmack

Review here.

Dancing With The Devil by Keri Arthur

Review here.

Up In Flames by Nicole Williams

Review to follow.

August Reading List

For A Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

Where Demons Dare by Kim Harrison

Lust, Money, Murder by Mike Wells

Dead Broken by Gerard Grey


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