The 5k Challenge

I’ve just got back from what I think was the sweatiest run of my life. Honestly, I was contemplating stripping off my t-shirt and running just in my sports bra, purely to get a bit of breeze around the base of my spine, where a veritable swimming pool was collecting.

It did, somewhat bizarrely, feel good.

By no means was it the best run I’ve ever done, but it was satisfying. I got the sense it was improving my running, rather than just keeping things ticking over, as I feel I have been doing in the past month or two. My endurance, both physical and mental, was put to the test, and though by the end I was jogging between landmarks then resting until the next one, I do feel like I came out on top and achieved something.

So, I’m capitalising on this positive frame of mind and setting myself a challenge. I’ve been wanting to do a “sub-30”, as my step father would say, 5k run since I started being able to run 5k comfortably. I’ve been steadily improving my personal best since starting the Telford Parkrun back on a chilly winter morning, getting it down from 35:44 to 32:21. The 30 mark is tantalisingly close.

Therefore, this summer I am going to really try and push myself with the running – both in terms of distance to improve overall stamina, and speed – and aim for that sub-30 5k.

Improve by 2:22. I can do that in six weeks, right?


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