Review: Dark Child (Episodes 4-5) by Adina West

Dark Child 5

Title: Dark Child

Author: Adina West

Series: Serialised Novel

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Summary (from Goodreads)

Kat can run a marathon without breaking a sweat. Catch anything you throw at her. Differentiate blood types by smell alone. And she’s spent years hiding the fact. But secrets from the past have a way of slipping out when least expected … and a simple blood test is enough to turn her quiet life in the shadow of the Appalachian Mountains upside down forever …

Pathology technician Kat Chanter isn’t looking for trouble. On a good day, the most exciting thing in her life is the iridescent violet nail varnish on her housemate Tiffany’s manicured fingers. But lately, Kat’s been craving raw meat, and her dreams – always weird – are getting so realistic it’s scary. When she visits a psychic she’s told her life is about to change forever. Kat isn’t so sure change is a part of her plan, but a blood test at work raises more questions about her unique heritage she has no idea how to answer, so when a fabulous job offer comes her way – one that will give her the chance to research others just like her – she’s tempted to say yes and make the move to New York.

Will her dream job bring answers to all her questions or will it lead her into more trouble than she could ever imagine?


Picking up part four after over a month’s break was initially disorienting. I’m not won over by the serial format – I couldn’t remember what had happened, and it took me a chapter or two to get back into the flow of the narrative. Nothing to do with the writing, just the time lapse between reading. With second novels in a series, you have at least some ‘previously on’ stuff that reminds you who everyone is and what happened before, but with this being only a few chapters long, there really isn’t space for that sort of reminder. So yes, not convinced by serials, unless the parts come out much quicker.

Part Four: A lot of answers about the nature of the world Kat has found herself in the middle of are given in this section. The threat of the Directorate continues to grow, with a scheme to kill Kat. A little romance is introduced, though it did feel a times like the sort of romance where the two people involved have no real reason to like each other, other than that the story needed a bit of snogging throwing in. That aside, this was another solid instalment, with things building towards an exciting finale.

Part Five: And then this part lets it down a little. It’s not that it isn’t good – there are some interesting plot developments, and some of the unanswered mysteries are moved closer towards a solution (with enough kept open for book 2, obviously!) but to me it didn’t feel like the final few chapters of a book. It felt at the end like in a few weeks I would get the next instalment. There wasn’t really a satisfying conclusion. It just sort of… ended. Now, I’m all for leaving enough open for a sequel, but there’s a fine balance between posing a few questions and just cutting the narrative off at a vaguely convenient point. For me, this didn’t quite strike the right balance. However, it was still an enjoyable read in every other way.

Rating: 3.5/5


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