March Round Up

Looking back at what I said I would do in March, I clearly didn’t anticipate what a total pain in the backside this month was going to be. Between resurfacing health problems and some high pressured days at work, things really haven’t gone to plan.

But, I haven’t achieved nothing. It’s just not quite what I said I was going to do…

Things Achieved

  • I didn’t do any submitting on the novella publishing front, but I did do some research into making covers, and plan to continue on this, to move my self publishing agenda forwards. I also joined a new Critique group.
  • I still read a lot. Still didn’t eat up my backlog, but there we are, I knew that was never going to be likely!
  • My YA project suffered a bit due to lack of energy and time. I’ve started submitting it to my new critique group and have had some really helpful suggestions. I know what needs doing and have started making some of the more minor grammatical corrections, but reworking is going to take place over the next two weeks while I’m off work.
  • I’ve written a few critiques and synopsis, including a new idea, and a couple of old ones. I’ve also started writing up the first couple of chapters of the new idea, and it’s all going well so far!
  • I have a very informal interview coming up for some volunteer work copy writing, so hopefully that will get me some experience.
  • Totally non writing related, but I ran over 40 miles for Lent 🙂

Things to do in April

  • Keep up the reading. Specifically try and read a bit more contemporary YA as this is the genre of the new project.
  • I’ve signed up for Camp NaNo, so I’ll be aiming to complete my 30,000 word target, working on the new project.
  • Continue researching cover styles etc for Self Publishing.
  • Do well in interview and start copy writing (hopefully!)
  • Continue working on YA project and get the second draft done.

I’m determined to make April a more productive month. With the first two weeks off, it should be easier to find the time to catch up with some of the jobs I’ve been neglecting and to get ahead of myself before I head back to the chaos of work!

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