February Round Up

February has been a month of contrasts – at times the spring weather has seemed glorious, only for us to be snapped back to the bitter chill and snowfall. I feel like I’ve achieved a lot, but also like it’s not been as much as in January. The three less days have really made this month feel like a short one, and things have been frantic. However, I was able to act on most of my challenges.

Things Achieved

  • I have a spreadsheet of information about potential novella publishers. It was a real headache – and many potential publishers were callously dismissed because they had dreadful websites. Which is perhaps harsh, but if I can’t use the website to find the information for submission, what chance does someone have of using it to buy my book? I think because I still have Self Publication as an option (which was always the initial plan) I’m allowing myself to be picky. But still, a list is a list, even if it’s shorter than it could be!
  • I’ve been keeping up the reading (yay!) and now have a surplus of NetGalley stuff and other physical books to keep me going until next year. I’m something ridiculous like 20% ahead of myself on my Goodreads reading target, so I think I’ll up that when I hit it.
  • I’ve got myself a profile on People Per Hour, which is a step towards earning some money from my writing, but quite frankly, between everything else that’s been happening, I haven’t had time to pursue it with any more enthusiasm and energy than that. I doubt that’s going to change next month, but I’ll keep receiving the emails, reminding me every so often that it’s there.
  • I’ve written a few synopses of stuff – one for the novel I intend to write this year when I’m done editing, and one for another project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I still have quite a lot of backlog to get through, so I think I’m going to try and do two a month until I’m all sorted electronically.
  • I posted something every day in February. Not sure about keeping this up. It was a fun challenge, and a good way of keeping up the writing when I’m not writing stories, but I don’t want to be posting for the sake of it. If I have something interesting to say, I’ll say it. Perhaps three times a week.
  • I’ve joined Scribophile as a way of honing my editing skills (so much easier to edit other people’s work) but also of connecting with other writers. I’ve been building up my karma, and hope to post something of my own in March, once I’ve done a few more critiques.

Things to do in March

  • Submit the Novella to at least one of the publishers on the list, perhaps after posting a chapter or two on Scribophile
  • Continue reading lots of books. My aim is 10, which would get me through most of my backlog, provided I don’t order too many new ones on NetGalley. Well, no point making promises I know I won’t keep XD it will just keep my backlog from getting any bigger!
  • Make bigger changes to YA novel project. i.e. tracing through forgotten subplots and re-establishing them in later chapters, moving around events that need to be moved around. Unofficial Writer’s Club have all read it now and given feedback for me to act on. I want the second draft done by April, to be in line with my plans at the start of the year
  • Try and do a couple of critiques and synopses a week. The critiques on Scib will give me plenty of karma to post my own chapters, while the synopses keep me thinking creatively.

By the way, if anyone out there wants to add me on Scribophile, I’m (obviously) Liberty Gilmore, and there’s a link to my blog on my profile so you know for sure it’s me!


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