The Wall

The Boyfriend does have a bit of a case of OCD. Which has made living in this house, where everything isn’t quite straight, and many things have been bodged together by a builder looking to increase value quickly and cheaply, something of a challenge for him. Over the past year we’ve done a lot to correct what the cowboys have done, and though we still have a long way to go, each step we takes gets us closer to getting the place how we want it.

The Boyfriend finds it incredibly frustrating. He’s ranted to me on several occasions about the bodge jobs and ‘why can’t people just do things the right way?’ I agree entirely, but am rather more laid back about it. So our extractor fan extracts into our bathroom? Not helpful, but not the end of the world. The Boyfriend, however, needed something on which he could vent his rage.

A wall in the garden became the target.

There was nothing particularly wrong with the wall, except it was slightly dog-legged, with a gap between it and the fence behind that had been filled with soil and left to grow weeds. It wan’t offensive, but it wasn’t right.

It had to go.

After trying in vain to knock it down with a sledgehammer, and the help of a friend, the Boyfriend realised a bit more heavy machinery was required. A trip to a local hardware store later and he was equipped with this:


The going was still slow – the wall was reinforced with rebar (for reasons we can’t understand) and lined with concrete around the bricks. But with the new tool progress started to be made.


It was a cold, but sunny day as the boys took the job on. My job was to run to the supermarket on demand and provide fizzy drinks and sweets. After a day’s hard labour, the wall has gone.

The Boyfriend was aching afterwards, bruises where the jackhammer drill thing had been bumping into him. But his triumphant cry of ‘Man one, wall nil!’ – while grossly exaggerated – was like vindication that he can make the house the way he wants. It will just take effort and time.


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