January Round Up

The first month of 2013, the year some of us feared we wouldn’t see, has already been and gone. I remember a time when a month was a lifetime, an indeterminate stretch of time to spend playing down by the river with friends, falling off my bicycle and roller-skates and trying in vain to complete Super Mario on the Gameboy Original. Now it seems to pass in a blur of 6:30am wake-ups, late nights at work, and words frantically typed in spare moments. It goes so fast I can’t even consistently take one picture a day for my Sunday picture posts…

But, I decided in December last year that this was going to be the year I started taking positive, proactive steps with my writing. I’m not so vain as to say ‘this is the year I’m going to achieve “published” status’ but I want to be able to look back on the year next December and say I gave it a pretty good stab. With this in mind, I’m going to do a monthly round up of things achieved and things I still need to do. Starting right here.

Things Achieved

  • Submitted a synopsis and first chapter of New Dusk novella to a small epublisher. They requested full manuscript but decided not to take it forwards. A shame, but this is the first time I’ve submitted anything other than articles and reviews to a proper publisher, so it’s a start!
  • Organised myself with NetGalley – sorted profile with stats and better information so I’m more likely to be accepted for books. Reaped the rewards with several acceptances for reviewing books. Read a lot of romance novels and wondered about writing one.
  • Written proper synopses for a couple of story ideas I’ve had, with a view to doing so for every idea I have in the future. Even if I never come back to half of them, the ones I do have will be better planned. I’ve learned I need to plan to finish things – starting off with an idea and a passion is not enough to get me to those magical words: The End.
  • This was actually done over the last couple of days, so extended into the first little bit of February, but I’ll have forgotten by the end of the month, and it was started in January, so it totally counts. (my blog, my rules haha) I’ve reorganised my computer, sorted out my file hierarchies so everything is easy to find, deleted duplicate files and organised both iCloud and Dropbox to automatically back up and sync between my various computers and devices. I also uploaded all my reviews to Amazon and intend to continue doing so, especially with my resolution to review one Self Published book a month.

Things to do in February

  • Research other potential epublishers for the novella. I never knew they were out there before. (Yay Twitter for opening my eyes.) Now I know, I’m sure there are more than just the one I’ve tried. I’d like to have another go at submitting, particularly if the one I’ve tried gets back to me with some feedback.
  • Keep up the reading. I’ve been reading loads at the moment – mostly because my writing has slowed somewhat since finishing Book 5 in my novella series. I’m moving on to editing another project, so the focus is going to be very much rewrites rather than the raw creative process, which I hope leaves plenty of time for reading some excellent books and picking up a few tips.
  • Look into article publishing again. I used to do it, and found an archive of all the ones I’d written (not many) when sorting out my computer. It’s a good way of making a bit of extra cash and is great experience.
  • Continue synopsying (and coining new words) ideas and getting my written notes typed up so everything is electronic. I tried to make a folder of written notes, but I just ought to realise I am an electronic sort of girl and sort it out, rather than letting the folder of ‘story ideas’ gather dust like I never have any.
  • Try and post more frequently and build up my blogging profile. Maybe even, shock horror, interact with a few other people. I’ve mentioned before I’m a bit autistic, right? Interaction is not my strongest point. But, there are so many good opportunities out there. It’s time to weed out the boring blogs I follow and never read, and start following some good writer blogs with competitions and things like that and start entering some. I’m going to read a book about building up blog profiles, so that will have some good advice too, I hope.

So that’s that. Not too much to be getting on with really…

…If I’m admitted to the hospital with exhaustion, please refrain from saying ‘I told you so!’


3 thoughts on “January Round Up

      • Gill says:

        If you would aren’t looking for a lot of money and are just interested in seeing your work actually get in to print then I would suggest looking at the small/indie presses like I did. Someone like Greyhart Press which has a YA scifi/fantasy imprint is more likely to take you on than a larger company who has their pick of the thousands they get sent.


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