365 Project, Week 51

The Penultimate Week. It’s almost been a year since we moved here. I can’t believe it. Time really does fly.

This week has been vastly more productive than the last three. The snow has gone (though more predicted for tonight apparently? I hope not) which just makes me feel a lot less lethargic.

I’ve done a lot of sorting out this week. Mostly of the virtual variety – folder sorting, email forwarding, back up setting up etc, of which there are no pictures. However…


New kettle! The height of excitement. The old one had been rattling for ages, and chose the most awkward moment to finally pack up – just as I’d offered to make my mum proper filter coffee.


Bad photo (really hard to take pictures of the telly) but I’ve been trying to finally complete this. Said I was going to do it in January but that never happened. Now looking to have it done before my hols, so I can start a fresh game during them. I’ve not got much left to do now 🙂


After the snow, we had gale force winds that blew our poor rose over. It was a hazard blocking our entire path until Mum arrived, armed with secateurs to trim it back. It’s not looking much better and no longer trying to kill me every time I leave the house. I hope it survives, as its flowers are beautiful.


And finally, a bit of real sorting. I have loads of clothes and I hate most of them. It was high time I threw a bunch out. That photo was after I’d done my preliminary ‘I’m not even really looking, just chucking out the things that really stand out.’ I’ve more than tripled that amount now.


And have a shiny, tidy wardrobe. Most of the things in here are work clothes and dresses, which isn’t very practical. But at least everything in there now fits and I like. And as an added bonus, I’ve clearly lost a bit of weight, as I was expecting to throw away loads of work trousers that didn’t fit me before, but now they do. So I was able to keep a couple of spares. Yay.

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