Really Boring Things I Want For Christmas

I must be getting old.

Every time I think of the things I might like for Christmas, I come up with the most boring suggestions ever.


I’m very particular about slippers, as I think I mentioned about this time last year, and I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair – sturdy, like a shoe, not a slip on sort (I know, I know, but just because they’re called ‘slippers’ doesn’t mean they have to slip on, I hate shoes with no backs holding them in place) with a nice design.

These ones from M&S are nice. Might treat myself in the sales.

Office Supplies

I’m perpetually badly organised at work. Not in terms of what I’m doing – that’s all under control. Except the current arrangement sees my desk become collateral damage. It’s not helped by the fact that my room is very rarely free to be tidied. But mostly, it’s just because I’m very messy. I used to have one desk. I now have two, and still can’t see the surface on either. I need some sorty things to help me keep on top of it. Such as this fetching in tray, and tower of drawers (I do actually have one of these, but the drawers are broken. Useful.) While I’m at it, I may as well get one of these stationary sorters.

Food Processor

I really, really want a food processor. Because I am lazy. And it would save me much time. Mum recently got a really nice one, and I really like the mini style, like this one (actually, not that one, it’s pretty butt ugly) and it would definitely fit in my limited cupboard space.

So there you have it… I am officially old. Gone are the days when I wanted a Micro Machines Death Star. Before I know it, I’ll be complaining about the youth of today…

…Oh God. I already do that.

There was a time when I would have killed for one of these. Mum knew, she bought me one so I wouldn't kill her XD

Ah, childhood in a photograph.


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