365 Project, Weeks 39, 40 + 41

I’ve not really taken many photos these past three weeks. NaNo madness has had me in its grip, along with the aforementioned Week of Hell, meaning I’ve really not been doing an awful lot besides sitting at my computer or doing my work.

But, here are a few snaps.

Our new bed! Kingsize, because the Boyfriend is a space hog, with brand new posh goose down duvet and cushions. Our christmas present to ourselves and its so comfy and snuggly!

So this is my board I’m keeping track of NaNo with. Along with other things such as which books I need to read (didn’t stick to that.) The above picture is after about a week, while below…

I love that my desk is suddenly infinitely more messy. It rather reflects my mood and mental state after three weeks of NaNoing.

In between NaNoing and working, I’ve visited my Godchildren…

…attended a marshmallow party…

…thrown by this precocious young lady…

…which ended in hilarity when the Boyfriend sat on a cooked marshmallow.

I also went for Indian with Mum, but needed it so badly I didn’t think to stop and take a photo until the last chocolate was eaten at the end!

After, I babysat while Mum went dancing. The Boyfriend didn’t really get the concept of ‘calm them down for bedtime,’ instead winding them up by playing piano duets. Apparently they slept very well that night!!


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