Day 365 Project, Week 36+37

So Dyl made me a plasticine ‘snowman’ at a party.

I tried to teach him a few techniques, such a balling and rolling, but actually he did better before I gave him any instruction.

Because afterwards he presented me with this and told me it was a slug. Thanks Dyl.

Meanwhile, at work I got to fondle an olympic gold medal.

Our Minton floor got cleaned.

And as the salts and stuff started working their way out, it grew a beard…

And I turned on my PC to do my photo-editing for the front cover (backwards, I know, but I have the software for the PC and not the Mac…) prompting it to install 79(!!) updates when I turned it off.

I had an allergic reaction to some medication… Not the most flattering picture of my leg, but that redness is a rash that covered both my legs and most of my right arm (just the right… random) and itched like hell.

There was a glitter explosion at Mum’s house.

And we modelled some hallowe’en costumes ready for next wednesday. It got me nicely in the spirit, which is good, because I’m really not feeling it this year, knowing I have to have a fasting blood test the next day, and therefore can’t eat any cake after 8:30 in the evening.

And a piece of good news to finish. The Boyfriend’s parents have finally sold their house! They’ve been trying for years, and the contract was signed this week. Celebratory drinks this time next week. They are moving into the flat we used to live in while they look for the perfect place. As they’re downsizing, we’ve been given a lot of their old furniture, including a kingsize bed frame. As a christmas present to each other, the Boyfriend and I are buying a new mattress and bedding.

Maybe then we won’t argue about who gets the most duvet. Right?


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