Day 365 Project, Week 35

So it seems to have transitioned from Summer to Winter in the past few days. Temperatures in my bedroom have been pretty chilly…

But it’s been nice to enjoy a few cold, but bright days!

Eugh… My garden is still disgusting. Every week the Boyfriend gets a step closer to getting it done, but it seems like every time we take a step forwards there are four more steps that need to be taken. Like… Bomb Disposal. And stuff.

I spent Saturday at Mum’s where she helped me look after my two Godchildren. Look at me being all studious and working really hard. While Adrian races wind up penises in the background. Yup.

It was a bit tricky to take a photo, to be honest, as they all spent the entire day running from one room to another at near light speed. But it all got a bit much for poor Arf by the end of the day, so here he is chilling and watching The Lion King.

And after all that, I needed some chill time myself, so tucked up with Young Victoria. I didn’t know Albert is played by the guy who played Lieutenant Kotler in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. Weird revelation of the day….


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