Day 365 Project, Week 32, 33, 34

So, three weeks worth of pictures today… My bad.

There has been a lot of rain. Which suited me just fine one tuesday when I had a decidedly black day. Depressed for no particular reason, and biting my tongue through a church service to stop myself crying, the weather was the perfect backdrop for my inexplicable misery.

Things perked up at the weekend though, when Mum had a party for Taylor and her friend, both of to University in a week.

I made fancy champagne labels for the Uni-bound girls.

While Mum made a load of cakes. As per her usual style!

Dylan cuted everyone out pretending to be ‘Mike the Knight’ with a spatula.

And Danielle made her famous Union Jack cake.

Because ‘Happy Birthday’ wasn’t exactly appropriate, we sang a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen, which bemused poor Dylan very much.

This next sequence, I will let speak for itself. Let’s just say, don’t let Mr T loose with cheap champagne.

When the weekend of Taylor’s Uni departure finally arrived, the chaos and stress of the days ahead were foreshadowed by this rather creepy shop front in Coventry.

We weren’t just taking Taylor to Uni, but also taking the Boyfriend and the Step-Dad to a triathlon. The stress of coordinating both these events, along with a nasty car park and a difficult to locate restaurant had me needed a bar of chocolate and a game of the Pointless Board game.

The Boyfriend was first out of the pool and to the cycling event, but the Step-Dad’s superior cycling ability meant there was a good ten minute gap between them by the time the Boyfriend crossed into the running event, doing a good impression of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy as he beamed at us on the way past.

I missed the money shot, but shortly after this he was grinning and beaming for the camera.

Back home, he started another marathon event, this time Zombies on Black Ops. He made it all the way to level 18 and was so proud that he made me take a photo.

Then to end a stressful weekend on a horrible note, I found this beetle in my hair. It freaked me out.

There are no photos for last week, because, quite frankly, I spent all of it sleeping off the weekend. Normal service should hopefully resume next week!


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