Day 365 Project, Week 30

Er, it’s Sunday right?

This week has flown by so fast, I haven’t had a spare second to post until now. So here are the pictures for the week.

Despite being a bit poorly and knackered out by all the work I had to do (which you can see on the table in the corner) I still donned my sports gear and went for Beginners Running Club. We did 1.6 miles, walking and running.

Dyl found a new, inventive way of protecting his ears from prying fingernails.

Taylor got waaaay to into a Macarena at her friend’s 17th Birthday Party.

I had three drinks and seemed to go from ‘fine’ to ‘trollied’ with nothing in between. What the hell was in those drinks??

As a consequence, I spent most of the next day eating nothing but dry toast. Yum.


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