Book Cover Photoshoot

After making my greenscreen and borrowing a couple of lights off my mother, I had pretty much everything I needed to take some photos for my book covers. Minus a photographer and some models. Fortunately, I know some people who know some people…

Taylor and Mr T agreed to pose as the two main characters, Mr T after some coercion. He wanted to read the book first to decide whether it was good enough to be graced with his face. I said: the character you’ll be playing is a ghost. He said: yay, I’ll do it!

It was a pretty easy sell.

The lighting wasn’t ideal – the two lights you can see in that picture are ultra bright, which created a lot of contrast and whiteout. I needed diffuse lighting really, but aside from holding a sheet in front of one of the lights and putting up with the singing smell, that wasn’t going to happen. So Kirsty, the photographer, did the best she could.

Poor Taylor had a lot of outfit changes, as well as some interesting makeup effects use to make scars and bruises. She was very patient about changing every two minutes and sitting still for Kirsty’s make up application.

Mr T on the other hand only had to wear one outfit, on account of him being a ghost. Some boredom ensued for him, resulting in him occasionally trying to kill Taylor with the sword prop. Along with the sword, I had horse riding body armour borrowed from the Boyfriend’s Mum, and some Dr Who psychic paper as a stand in for a Police Identity Card. The Boyfriend did offer to let us use his kit, but Taylor would have been swamped in his body armour, and it’s really hard to photograph the reflective strip on it, so we made do.

The sword was borrowed from my grandparents, and it didn’t have any clear way of attaching it to a belt, so we tied that on with a shoelace. It was very much a case of bundle what we had together and see what we could achieve. I think we did quite well.

And just in case you weren’t convinced this wasn’t some kind of high budget studio based affair (haha) here’s a photo of me creating wind effects with my desk fan. Which weighs a ton, I nearly broke my hand holding it like that.

The pictures we got are pretty good – some better than others as is always the case, but there is definitely enough for me to play with when I get round to making the covers.



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