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So I decided it was time for a new look. As I’m starting to think seriously about publishing, I want to gear the blog a bit more towards being a platform for my writing, rather than just a place where I babble. There will still be babbling for some time yet, but I’m starting with the look.

The banner above is my first attempt at manipulating a photograph taken yesterday – photos that will eventually become front covers for the books I’m hoping to publish. It is, those of you who have been following the blog for a while (or who read the last post) may recognise, Taylor, posing as Cadence, the main character of my book. She is, in my cousin’s words, a ‘ninja police officer.’ Okay, maybe not so much the ninja part. But she does have a flaming sword. Making the fire was hard.

As I get closer to being ready to publish, I’ll post a bit more about the characters and stories on here, but for now, I hope the new look is good, and for those interested – here is the original picture:

No tutorial for this one. I honestly can’t remember what I did and forgot to save my ‘stage by stage’ pictures anyway. When I get round to making the front covers, I will endeavour to be better.

P.S. Photo taken by the very talented (and generous of her time and talents!) Kirsty Warner.


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