Green Screen

The Insane Summer Holiday Project hasn’t gone as swiftly as I hoped it would. Family issues and impromptu holidays have eaten into a lot of my time, but before work starts up again next week, I was really hoping to get one last thing done. The writing I can do on my own in my own time, but other things relied on certain individuals who will be off to Uni soon and therefore not at my beck and call.
In designing the front covers, I realised I would need to use green screen technology to achieve the effects I desired. I’m good at using photoshop and have a trained photographer who has volunteered to take and pose the photos for me. But I don’t have the funds to hire a photography studio. However, I do have a spare room that isn’t being used for much at the moment.

With help from Taylor, I used masking tape to mark out a nice big square on the wall, then painted it the most obnoxious green I could find in Homebase – which wasn’t, I was disappointed to find, as obnoxious as their own ‘Homebase green’ colour they use in all their signs.

One coat is done, but it probably needs another. We tested it anyway, with a terrible camera and terrible lighting, but even this quick bodge-job test was quite successful.

Taylor in front of the greenscreen becomes…

Taylor very badly photoshopped into New York.

The actual book covers will obviously have a better starting photo taken by Taylor’s friend with the photography qualifications, and I will spend much more time actually making the photoshopped end product, so I’m hopeful I’ll be able to achieve the effects I want. Now while I wait for a convenient date for photographer, models and me, I will keep adding words to the current installment.


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