An Unexpected Holiday

With all the house excitement, and money draining repairs and renovations, the Boyfriend and I weren’t planning on going abroad anywhere this year. So it was a lovely surprise and treat to be flown out to stay with relatives in Portugal.

It was our first time in the country, and we were thoroughly spoiled to have people who knew the area well to show us round and where to find all the best historical and cultural places, along with recommendations for the best places and things to eat.

We were in northern Portugal, not far from the city Porto. It’s less touristy than the Algarve, but full of beautiful architecture.

As well as some gorgeous historical buildings.

It also boasted a cafe that’s one of the best in the world: Majestic.

We had a freshly squeezed orange juice here, while having a good nose at some of the ornate decorations inside.

It was a week full of much needed relaxing and recuperating from the housework, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Although, as a combination of a nasty run in with a mosquito, the antibiotics I was taking, and a bit of sunburn, I did manage to come up in a rash all over my body and had to stay out of the sun for a couple of days. The Boyfriend thought it was sunburn until it started responding to antihistamines and steroid cream.

I’ve never had anything like that before – and I’ve been sunburnt far worse than the little bit of sun I caught on the first day. My immune system was clearly overworking that day. I didn’t get any pictures…

Strange, that.


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