J is for Bond, James Bond

Okay, that title doesn’t quite work, but never mind.

For our J date, I got really excited when I heard about the 50 Years of Bond Style exhibition at the Barbican in London. The Boyfriend is a huge Bond fan, and with my penchant for movies with more explosions and car chases than plot sense, it’s something we can enjoy together. With glee, I told him about it, expecting him to be very pleased with my efforts, only to find out he’d heard about it on the radio that same day. It spoiled the surprise a little, but talk about synchronisity!

The problem was getting down to London. We aren’t exactly flush at the moment, with all the work happening on the house, but we both needed the break. Fortunately, an impromptu holiday with family gave us the opportunity to stop over in London for the night, and the kind offer of a bed in my Godfather’s house meant it didn’t even cost us enormously.

We caught the train then the Underground from Sunbury to the Barbican, testing my knowledge of the Underground systems. A short walk took us to the Barbican, where we had the opportunity to take a photograph of a Sean Connery waxwork posing by one of the many iconic cars. Unfortunately, that was the last chance we had to photograph, as pictures weren’t allowed inside the exhibition.

It was a good selection of props and costumes, and had something to please everyone. I enjoyed looking at the dresses and trying to match them to characters. I got to oggle at Michelle Yeoh’s outfit from Tomorrow Never Dies (my favourite Bond film, in part for the entirely ridiculous motorbike stunt but mostly because of my enormous girl crush on Michelle Yeoh).

Meanwhile, there were plenty of gadgets, clips and props for the Boyfriend to look at. There were several different areas, including the ice palace of The World is Not Enough – an area dedicated to all the snow scenes. We could have spent a lot longer in there than we did if we’d bothered to read all the information, but as it was we just enjoyed wandering and looking at the different displays.

After, we headed back on the Circle Line to Embankment. We wandered across the footbridge towards the London Eye, enjoying some live performances in the Jubilee Gardens there as we waited for my Godfather to arrive. We then went together for some Japanese food in Wagamas. A perfect end to the date!


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