365 Project, Week 24

This week has involved a lot of time spent with my siblings, as Mum and the Step-Dad are away with the two littlies.

We spent one evening taking advantage of the sunshine by having an outdoor movie party with Mr T’s family. It involved a lot of sweets and Charlie and I fighting over a blanket. We watched The Muppets (which was rubbish) and This Means Way (which was also rubbish, but in an acceptable, explosion filled, entertaining sort of way).

Unfortunately, I came home from Movie Night to the world’s most giant, evil moth. Complete with red-eye. The Boyfriend being the total wuss that he is, made me get rid of it before he would even get in the house, so I had to throw it out of a window myself. Gross.

Later in the week we had a barbecue and Mr T bought a 3D puzzle Millennium Falcon, which we totally failed to make before our dinner was ready. It was really, really hard – all the pieces looked the same and there were hundreds of them. We did manage to put everything together by the end of the week, but even constructing the damn thing was difficult, and I never got a ‘finished product’ picture.

And when they did get home, the little brother treated us all by making dinner. You may think that’s cute, but I actually caught him chewing on a plastic carrot later.

Not many pictures this week, as the rest of the time I’ve been sat where I am now – writing. I won’t bore you with more pictures of my desk. But hopefully soon I will be ready with some updates on the Insane Summer Holiday Project. It’s going well so far!


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