365 Project, Week 23

So we’ve had some fun this week.

A pipe in our living room has been leaking slowly for a while now. So slowly that in all the general sogginess around at the moment, we hadn’t even noticed. But the leak got quite a lot worse, to the point of floods in our living room. Fortunately the Step-Dad was able to fix it, and the tissues in the above picture are meant to detect any recurring leaks.

We used a lot of towels to keep things from flooding though. This is just a small collection… fortunately we have a lot lying about from the decorating we’ve been doing, so we didn’t have to use our bath towels!

Fortunately, it does seem to have stopped mostly now. I suspect the remaining damp is more the water being drawn out of the wall by the dehumidifier. It’s certainly not wet enough for it to be from a regular drip.

On a more cheerful note, Ivy graduated this week. Taylor made these delicious graduation cakes.

I bought a new pair of sandals. They gave me a nasty blister on my toe when I tried to walk them in today, but they are great because…

Tada! Blue skies. Over England. After two weeks of solid rain, this is very welcome. And I’m very pink. It’s lovely.


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