365 Project, Week 20

What better way to start the week than with a sacrificial burning?

The sacrifice in question is an old doll of Ivy’s. A staple of her childhood, and loved to death – to the point it was re-dubbed ‘Dirty Marilyn’ – Mum had decided it was high time Marilyn had a good send off.

After the fuss Ivy kicked up about the Boyfriend’s attempt to burn her stool a couple of weeks ago, I was surprised to see her sit demurely through Marilyn’s soaking in lighter fluid. The Boyfriend got the honour of dropping the match.

Whether it was her synthetic fur wrap, or the copious amount of lighter fluid used, she went up very quickly. The fire was very satisfying to watch, though the smell quickly drove us indoors.

I am well aware that this blog is turning into a catalogue of my run-ins with mousetraps and exam desks, but I couldn’t resist a photo of my latest mishap – earned when I fell of my bike last sunday. What can I say? I’m very accident prone.

We had two birthdays this week. Carole’s and my baby brother, Dyl. I took no photos of the birthday girl, but the birthday boy’s cake was pretty impressive.

And this photo is really poor quality, but I just love the boy’s cheeky grin as he models his new bag, a present from Nan and Granddad I believe.

So, all in all a nice week. Though we’ve had plenty of the above weather. Here’s hoping for a bit of sunshine next week!


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