I is for Indian

I’m not having a dyslexic moment. I’m aware that H comes before I, but the Alphabet Dates have become a bit sidelined, and the Boyfriend and I wanted to kick start things. We will be spending an evening in a hotel soon, but due to shift patterns, it will be a while, so we wanted to count this as our I date.

The evening was almost a non-starter, with the Boyfriend not sure he could get the time off work to attend the charity dinner at our local Indian. We booked tickets, but were preparing back up plans if he couldn’t make it. Fortunately, the morning of the meal, he got told he could go.

After being told that the Boyfriend categorically, ‘wouldn’t dress up’, I decided to go ahead and wear nice clothes anyway. In fairness to him, his ‘you can go’ was actually ‘you can go the minute it turns 8:30’ which was the time the meal started, so it wasn’t like he had time to do more than pull a t-shirt on. My attempts at elegance didn’t go much better, with the shoes I chose to wear hurting my feet on the walk to Mum’s, so I had to swap them for a dirty pair of plimsols belonging to Taylor…

When we finally arrived, the Boyfriend fashionably late, it was a perfect evening. The Indian had a set menu for the charity night, but provided us with our favourite Paneer Tikka as an extra. Mum got ridiculously excited by a table magician, and a comedy auction of unwanted raffle prizes went on a little long, but raised a few extra quid for the Air Ambulance.

I think the nicest thing about it though was the fact that it was midweek. It reminded me that it doesn’t have to be the weekend to do something nice – although I was dead on my feet at work the next morning, but I’m usually that anyway!

The only downside to the evening was the fact that, after two glasses of complementary champagne (I drank the Boyfriend’s while he wasn’t there) I foolishly agreed to take part in a Triathlon next sunday. I didn’t post my photos of the week last sunday because I was away all weekend. If I don’t post them next weekend, you’ll know it’s because I died somewhere in between the swimming and the running…


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