365 Project, Week 17

Despite my being on holiday, I have spent a lot of time this week with this as my field of vision.

I had always planned to get 20,000 words done before this week, and a further 20,000 done (to finish the current WIP) in the six weeks after, but I was on a roll over the weekend, and just kept writing. I’ve got five holes to plug in the manuscript, and proof reads to do, but I am very nearly done. In fact, this is what I have left:

So, two big things this week. Carole moved into her new flat, which we celebrated with alcohol, and when we got peckish, Chinese takeaway. The ‘spring rolls’ I requested weren’t quite what I was after…

In another eating disaster, the Boyfriend decided to microwave some camembert, after another failed attempt at making camembert fondue. It wasn’t very appetising.

So we got out the cookbook I got for my birthday and made african egg curry, which was decidedly more tasty.

The other big thing to happen was Taylor turning 18. Mum made a zillion cakes, and we did our best to eat them. I helped to make the butterfly cakes pictured below. Well, I helped put the jam in them. It was something, okay!?

We were all a little caked out when it came to the lighting of the birthday candle, but the candle was pretty spectacular, so that was something.

And the Boyfriend got a bit trigger happy with the chiminea and nearly burnt a piece of Ivy’s childhood. Which she rescued just in time to save the seat, but its legs had already gone on the fire…

She guarded it with her life for the rest of the night.


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