365 Project, Week 16

We started the week with a re-run of port and cheese night, sans port and cheese. The weather this time was much more appropriate, and we didn’t really need the roaring fire to stay warm in the balmy heat.

After that I took no pictures for four days, so who knows what happened?? Oh yeah, I worked. A lot. Not much of interest. But on friday, the Boyfriend and I went round Mum’s for dinner, which involved a boat load of chips, and a rather over enthusiastic game of volleyball. The Boyfriend got a little too excited and decided to show off his climbing prowess. Mr T couldn’t resist the temptation or challenge, and was soon up there too.

Poor Charlie was on the receiving end of some more of the Boyfriend’s enthusiasm, and, rather foolishly, pushed him, which resulted in the Boyfriend trying out some of his police manoeuvres in a little wrestling match. Charlie put up a good fight, but undoubtably came off worse.

They weren’t very good at volleyball either (part due to an inappropriate ball, but also a complete lack of skill) and the ball went into the neighbour’s garden and up really tall trees a number of times.

On saturday, I finally got my piano tuned and voiced. They fixed my sticky F key, but it will need tuning another couple of times over the next year before it really sounds how I want it to. You can’t voice it too much without risking damaging the strings. Apparently we need to get the humidity level down as well, as that can do damage too, so the dehumidifier has been running non-stop. Unfortunately the dreadful weather means I can’t get the windows open.

Later on Saturday, the band played a small set for the Party in the Park celebrations in a local town. It was very windy, and our music kept blowing away, but I think we did okay.

Then it was back to Mum’s again for Jubilee dinner. Which meant using up all the old chips from the day before. Mum decided to make ‘Sausage and Chip Curry’, an unusual concoction that was strangely delicious.

Mum made us sing a rousing chorus of God Save the Queen before we could eat, which bemused Ad and terrified Dyl. Also, Taylor and Ivy didn’t know the words. Shocking behaviour.


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