365 Project, Week 15

The weather has been kind to us this week, making my walled garden look like something a lot more continental than it actually is.

What it mostly is is big piles of dirt and the holes they came out of. And an old oven. Which has meant lots of going round Mum’s to enjoy the sunshine.

Speaking of ovens the Boyfriend cooked me a delicious meal in it, breaking it in properly.

The weekend was spent mostly outside – Mum and Carole needed baby sitters as they both did work in their garden and house respectively. I took on babysitting duty and watched as carnage ensued.

Only little Artie remained oblivious to it all and stayed peacefully in his buggy (by choice, he hassled us to get in there!!) for most of the afternoon, enjoying a nice spot of shade with Charlie.

The Jungle Gym that the Step Dad was building was completed late on Saturday, and was a huge hit with Dyl in particular, who liked the steering wheel in the highest turret. He’s very adept at climbing up there, but hasn’t quite mastered getting back down.

Sunday saw the babysitting favour returned as the Step Dad fixed our curtain rail. I was on baby sitting duty again, as a bad case of tinnitus meant I was keeping well away from noisy power tools. At this particular moment they were both being adorable, but the chaos was soon back, until kept at bay once again with eggs on toast.

It was a lovely weekend, and the Boyfriend and I are one step closer to having the house we both want – even if it was the relatively small step of having a curtain rail fixed. There are still plenty of things to do, starting with this little issue that the Boyfriend highlighted by illustrating the issue on one of our walls. In red felt tip. (the wallpaper needs removing, another issue we will get to one day!)

Being an average sized person, I’d never noticed that the patio doors in our dining room are small. The Boyfriend has to duck every time, and wants to swap them and the problem causing window out for doors more like in the second picture. I’m not sure why wearing a lampshade on your head is representative of happiness.


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