365 Project, Weeks 13+14

It feels like such a long time since I last sat down to do this that I’m having to look at my photos to remind myself what I’ve been up to. It’s a little like trying to narrate a picture book when someone’s crossed the words out.

Week 13 started in a good and bad way. Good: it was May Day Bank Holiday, which meant a free day off for the Boyfriend and I, and we spent it doing a bit of cleaning followed by an evening with friends eating copious amounts of cheese.

The cleaning was necessary because, in a fit of oven induced rage, I pulled our oven out of the wall (not as aggressive as it sounds… it was in fact never attached to the wall) and behind was a sign of the filth that is inside the oven.

Yes, that’s the mess on the outside. Don’t try to imagine the mess on the inside. You wouldn’t even come close. Hence the ripping out of the wall.

The evening of cheese was spent in a friend’s garden, beneath a gazebo, with a chiminea to keep us warm.

The evening started well, but soon descended into hilarious chaos as the heavens opened, turning our Gazebo into a steam bath as the rain hit the chiminea and instantly boiled, and water dripped down our necks.

Fortunately, good company is all you really need to keep yourself warm, even if you aren’t particularly dry.

In preparation for the wedding on Saturday, I needed to cook a cake – and with the aforementioned oven issues, that meant going to Mum for some help. The Boyfriend distracted my little brother with some stories while we attempted to cook a cake.

The cooking soon descended into a slightly drunken takeaway dinner, as Mum consumed half a bottle of wine.

That left Mum to finish the cake for me, which she did, and we managed to transport it all the way to Bath almost in tact.

The wedding was beautiful, in a stunning location.

The occasion had the Bride’s personality stamped all over it, and it was a wonderful day, full of fun. And the Boyfriend was looking dapper in a new suit.

We arrived home to empty cupboards and, in a clear out, found these, a source of much amusement for Mum over FaceTime. She’s going to grow them in the garden, and I hope will make us something delicious with the potatoes she grows.

Spoiled for time with friends this week, we went to play snooker at the local snooker club. I played pool with Carole, because I suck at snooker. I suck at pool too, but it was fun anyway. I wish I’d been a little less tired, as I felt my already infinitesimal skills were hampered even further!

To go with our oven issues, we’ve had a bit of a DIY disaster. Our bedroom curtain pole fell off the wall due to some old, crumbly plaster. The Step-Dad made a valiant attempt at reattaching it, but it wasn’t to be. While we wait for the time and the parts to do the bigger job, we rigged a temporary curtain.

Because our new oven wasn’t arriving for a fortnight, we spent a lot of time eating takeaways and meals out. The old oven’s position in the middle of the floor didn’t make the hob easy to use, and we weren’t able to move the oven because it was hardwired. Dining out at Wetherspoons gave us another opportunity to spend time with friends, and for me to relax my overworked brain with some children’s puzzles!

Saturday was my birthday, and though the Boyfriend was at work, Not Quite were doing a fete and I was going to my third wedding, I had a really lovely day.

But to top the weekend, and the fortnight off, our oven arrived today. While we have no food to cook in it, to be perfectly honest, I am just glad the ugly hole in our kitchen is filled. I got a cookbook for my birthday, and I can’t wait to try out some new recipes.


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