365 Project, Weeks 11+12

Things have been a bit of a blur the past couple of weeks, hence the consolidated post. I spent last weekend at a wedding and was so physically and emotionally drained by the end of it – having driven down, changed in a service station toilet, arrived at the wedding, checking into our hotel at about 11pm after dancing my heart out, only to drive back the next day – that I didn’t even have the energy to type and upload pictures. Expect a similar situation next week when I do it all over again!

The wedding was beautiful and full of creative ideas, like a fingerprint tree to record the guests, and speeches that made me bawl my eyes out (hence the emotional drainage).

The couple getting married were friends from my Uni days, and it was lovely to see them again. And to pull a few of our trademark Uni dance moves in fond memory.

Work last week and this has been intense for the Boyfriend and I. We both feel like we’ve been through the ringer, and the Boyfriend’s health is only slowly improving after his flu, with unrelated but badly timed wisdom teeth troubles. We’ve hit that point where we feel like we haven’t actually spoken to each other in weeks, and I confess, I’ve not dealt with it very well.

The solutions has been lots of cake.

This friday, I babysat for Carole while she went for a meal with her parents. I took T&A to meet my little siblings. Chaos ensued.

There was lots of dancing.

While A bonded with Mr T.

And Ad impressed with her spelling skills. Note, she writes backwards because she’s a lefty. The words read Ofu and Tury, which if you think about it, is pretty impressive phonetic spelling for a four year old.

I jogged to Mum’s today to find her trying to encourage her tadpoles to escape into the pond, in order to thin their population in the tank so they start actually turning into frogs. Her chose method was to put the tank in the pond and watch what happens.

But all the jogging I’ve been doing (haha, not much) has had a bit of an adverse effect on my poorly toe. The new nail is growing underneath the old one, pushing it off. Hot baths and exercise have forced it very loose. I got fed up of it snagging on everything today, and performed some surgery.

I’m less horrified by the amount of leverage I’m getting on that nail, more by how hairy my toe is. I am seriously going to have to get the tweezers on those!


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