365 Project, Week 10

It has not been a good week.

After a blissful holiday, things at work kicked off with relentless speed – I was in three out of five days much longer than my contracted hours, which is a pain in the backside any time, but this week I was also called in on Saturday to do some extra stuff. I get paid for it, but having a one day weekend is not nice. I keep thinking I’ve got tomorrow off, but sadly, I don’t. I’m not going to be happy when that alarm goes off.

To add to my woes, the Boyfriend has been poorly this week. Not Man Flu poorly, but genuine flu poorly. He woke up one night hallucinating that he was in a plane crash and just kept telling me he was going crazy, while his temperature climbed. Poor bean. He’s rubbish with illness, as he refuses to not go to work, despite my constant nagging, and so made himself worse. Fortunately he had Thursday off anyway by nature of his shift rotation, and got a chance to recover.

So, this week was going to be a series of pictures of the garden, which the Boyfriend was meant to be clearing. In the end his dad did it, because we’d already ordered the skip, while the Boyfriend lay on the sofa feeling sorry for himself. Instead of pictures of the garden, I’m going to give you a series of pictures taken at my little sister’s fourth birthday.

After a week of having a poorly, miserable boyfriend, I was glad for a bit of light relief. The birthday girl herself had hit over excitement mode, and promptly hit me round the face with a frisbee (not accidentally) on my arrival. However, the baby brother was in a good mood, and amusing himself by walking round in his dad’s enormous shoes. This cracked the Boyfriend up, and prompted him to help the little brother into a pair of Taylor’s boots, which cracked him up further.

It was probably smaller sibling abuse, but I was just pleased to see a smile on the Boyfriend’s face.


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