365 Project, Week 8

This week was a week of new things. Fitting, really, for Easter week.

We had big new things – piano finally arrived safe and sound. It has a few kinks from the delivery, and needs to settle for a while before it can be tuned, but in two weeks or so, I’m hoping to have it working perfectly.

I also got some small new things – these shoes, which I have needed for ages, and finally went out and bought.

It was also a week of some depression, which I combatted by keeping as busy as possible. Which meant cleaning. I got this out of my oven, just by wiping it….

But of course, in true Easter fashion, it was also a week of cake and family. And there’s nothing that cheers you up when you aren’t in the best of moods like a carrot cake.

Or a cow cake…

We also played a little Cranium. This is my model of big foot, which the Boyfriend did not guess. I was a little disappointed.

And just to round off the week, here’s a picture of my little brother (and Mr Taylor) in a box.

Happy Easter everyone!


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