G is for Getting out of Town and the Grange Hotel

This date was done some time ago now, but between last weeks of work before the holiday madness and general apathy, I’ve only just sat down to write it now. How time flies.

This was a bit of a spontaneous one – we needed to go to Macclesfield to look at some pianos (I say needed, I’m sure the Boyfriend would object to that choice of word)  and decided on a whim to extend our stay to the weekend. We both needed it desperately.

We looking through a load of hotels on a last minute booking website, and while I was all for staying in the George and Dragon (glad I didn’t in the end – we passed it on our way to the Grange, and it looked like it was falling down) the Boyfriend chose a Best Western Spa. This was a good choice, as use of the spa facilities added to our de-stressing considerably.

We went to the piano shop first, and after a quick break to Costa’s for lunch and deliberation, purchased our piano. Wallets considerably lighter, we made the rest of the journey to the Spa.

It wasn’t as nice as Carden Park, but there was still that air of relaxation, and that general niceness of being away from home and not having to do your own washing up. We checked into our room and headed straight down to the spa, where we enjoyed the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, and I read for half an hour or so in the relaxation room, while the Boyfriend, whose tolerance for steam rooms and saunas is much higher than mine, went for a second go in everything.

We drove into the nearby town for dinner, using the AroundMe app on the Boyfriend’s iPhone. We went for a place called Mario and Gianni’s because I fancied Italian, and it fit in with our G date criteria. We got Garlic bread to start.

I enjoyed a risotto, while the Boyfriend was amazed by a calzone pizza. Bless him, he doesn’t get out much.

The evening was then whiled away watching awful quiz shows on the TV. In It To Win It makes me so angry, but The Bank Job came on after, and I do find George Lamb’s hair quite attractive.

All in all, it was a date of not doing much, and that was just perfect. Role on H date for something a bit more energetic. The Boyfriend said he had some ideas, so I’m looking forwards to finding out!


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