365 Project, Week 6

I can’t believe it’s been a week and I haven’t posted anything. Truth be told, it’s just been too nice out to be sat in front of a computer – that and when I have been sat in front of a computer, I’ve been doing the other sort of writing.

This week, I had no to-do list, at least, not until the Boyfriend left me this one. I particularly like the last order.

If there is any improvement in photo quality from now on, it will be due to the fact that I finally got my phone upgraded to an iPhone 4, which comes with such fancy features as a flash and zoom for the camera.

My phone isn’t the only thing to have improved this week – the weather took a significant turn for the better, and I spent a lot of the weekend outside in my small, but perfect garden.

We also did a bit more DIY and fixed the skirting board in the hall, filling the gap where it bowed away from the wall. Mum’s Pampered Chef cleaning tool made an excellent device to fill the awkward crack beneath the radiator.

Speaking of radiators, the old ones have been living in our front garden since they were removed, but we finally got them taken away by the scrappy today, giving us our dishevelled (but at least more attractive than two dirty radiators) front garden back.


The Boyfriend had an accident at work, and burned his neck, poor thing. He, of course, needed much love and attention and frequent administration of Savlon.

My only mishap at work was finally putting my foot through my much loved shoes.



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