365 Project, Week 4

This week started off badly with a to-do list that didn’t fit on my ‘to-do list’ pad.

I realised about halfway through the week I was never going to get it all done without working myself to death and not enjoying the hen party I was going to on saturday, so I made some choices and prioritised certain things, and got done everything that was most desperately needed.

Incidentally, one of the things that desperately needed doing was the clothes washing. I hate sorting black socks. Is there some foolproof way of finding their true pair? If there is, I haven’t found it yet.

I also got fed up of the pile of jumpers the Boyfriend has been keeping on the top of his chest of drawers and found him a box to put them in so they could be stored in the bottom of the wardrobe. He has now replaced the pile of jumpers with a pile of other clothes. Clearly some battles I am never going to win…

It was a week of drinkies and seeing friends, which made a nice change from the epic to-do list of doom. Thursday was spent in the pub with our best friends, drinking whisky that tasted like hot cross buns.

For the hen do of my super crafty friend, we were challenged to make garters. Above is the picture of the ‘ingredients’, below the finished product. I was quite pleased with the result. We were very naughty and wore them all night on the town. Fortunately, my dress was reasonably long, unlike the Hen, whose short dress meant it was peeking out all night!

We started the night with drinks, followed by pizza in a really good italian restaurant in Bath, followed by clubbing at a place we used to go to when we were all at Uni. It still smelled vaguely of urine and had a sticky floor, despite being totally empty when we arrived, but for nostalgia points, and general good times, there wasn’t anywhere in town better.

Today was the Bath Half Marathon, which made getting home a little more interesting. I took the train down (to allow myself time to do a bit more of my work…) and walking back to the train station to catch my train home this morning, I was met with crowds of runners and supporters. There was a real buzz in the air, and it made me miss running a little.

With my work done on the ride down, the slightly longer ride back was spent reading my book, which I got quite a long way through in the time:

That’s one I can cross of my March reading list at least!


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