365 Project, Week 2

Week 2


Monday was my first day back at work, and a long one at that with extra meetings. Really, the most pressing and important thing that happened all day was this: INTERNET! S’cuse bad photo. I couldn’t be bothered getting down on the floor to take the picture properly… Long day and all.


After a disastrous attempt at Camembert, in which the smell of burning chemicals overpowered even the smell of the cheese, and flecks of black carbon settled onto our bread and into the cheese, I invited Mum round to have yet another go at the oven. I have no idea what the previous inhabitants of this house did to make their oven so filth so fast, but there we go. It’s looking a bit better now, though it did make me laugh that Mum used seven sponges to achieve the result she did!


Due to oven catastrophes and work shifts, we missed our pancakes on Tuesday, and therefore had to eat them on Wednesday. Still slightly disheartened by the volume of smoke that still pours out of our oven whenever we turn it on, it was just the right pick me up – sugary, indulgent, and didn’t require baking.

We also spent today cataloguing all our old DVDs we were getting rid of and putting them through music magpie. We didn’t get much per DVD, but we got rid of an awful lot of them, earning ourselves over £20. As the Boyfriend said, that will buy us a takeaway. What the website didn’t accept we’ll charity shop at some point. (I did take a picture, but damn old iPhone… It was very blurry and the package has since been sealed ready for posting.)


The Boyfriend seems prone to moments of utter stupidity at the moment. For someone so calm, collected, practical and capable, he gets into these moods where he has a problem and he wants it solving. Like five minutes ago. When in that mood, he’ll use any means available to solve the problem, in what I imagine he thinks is the quickest possible way. Only he isn’t really thinking when he gets like this. Last week I caught him trying to lever a nailed on piece of wood off with a poetry book of mine because, ‘it fits in the gap’. I shouted at him, seething with overkill rage at the wanton book destruction – particularly given that it was obvious that it wouldn’t work – and found him a pair of scissors that would do the job. When the wood was off and he could see straight again, he almost admitted it was stupid. Almost.

This week it was screwing in some screws to attach a vent. We have this box we stand on that we’ve been using for all our decoration, but it wasn’t in the same room as the vent. And rather than go and get it, the Boyfriend decided to stand on one of the packing boxes (pictured above, after he stood on it) that was clearly never going to take his weight. Less emotionally attached to boxes than I am to books, I just laughed when he called me, standing inside of the broken box, asking for help. No doubt there will be more of these incidents before the decoration is finished.


Though it has been over a week since the actual move in, the Boyfriend and I are both exhausted (which is probably the reason for Thursday’s escapades). We settled down on Friday to watch some TV and have a drink, which ended when the Boyfriend somehow managed to throw his glass at mine, rather than picking mine up to take back into the kitchen. The stereo got a soaking, and the floor was treacherous with broken glass.

After this, I decided the best thing for it was to blow out the cobwebs with a walk to Mum’s to pick up some bubble wrap and parcel tape for our DVD delivery, and we spent the evening at theirs, sunk into the ancient leather sofas that would eat you if you gave them half a chance. We returned home at ten and fell asleep almost instantly.


In a bid to get Taylor some driving experience, and pick up a few things for her own house, Mum readily agreed to my suggestion to go to Dunelm mill and look for curtains. I needed ridiculously dimensioned ones for the bay window that I doubted our local Wilkinson’s supplied. It turned out that Dunelm Mill didn’t supply too many either, and after discounting every curtain on a coat hanger on the grounds that these were all in excess of £100, I was left with one option that wasn’t some disgusting shade. Fortunately they suited perfectly. After some fun trying to get the attached, Mum, Taylor and I sat back and enjoyed our handiwork while eating a bit of Herman.

We invited Mum and Paul round for chips and dips that evening to thank them for all their continued help. It was nice to be able to invite my family round – at the flat it was never really practical – and we enjoyed the new warmer living room with the curtains closed.


With the Boyfriend off work, we decided to attack the oven one last time with the steamer Mum and Paul brought us round last night. Bored of putting up pictures of the oven, I decided to photograph the other nice detail of the day – sunshine! The thermal power of which I utilised to dry my clothes to save putting them on the radiator later. (Doing so makes our stained glass window more sweaty, apparently.)


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