I’m not sure I use Pinterest the way you are supposed to.

I got an account a couple of weeks back, after stumbling onto someone’s collection of crafty links and deciding that, when I’ve moved house and got the decorating sorted, I would like to have a go at them.

Since that initial splurge on crafty tips, I have started using Pinterest as a means of collecting faces.

I used to have this really good website that had an archive of high quality celebrity photographs with no watermarks that I would browse and select from every time I wanted a character picture. I still do this to some extent, though I can’t find the link for that website anymore, and since switching to the Mac (my photo editing software is, ironically, on my PC) it has been a far more concerted effort to procrastinate by making pictures. I like having a photo to look at, a visual reference to work from when building characters. It helps me to get into the writing zone, as well as remembering pesky details like eye colour etc.

Pinterest has opened up a whole new avenue. There are loads of photos on there that other people have picked out because of clothes or hairdos, that I am collecting on my boards like some kind of strange pervert because the faces and the people are interesting, and might one day be appropriate for a character. I already have one or two who have gone on to fit characters in my current project. And collecting them like this, so there’s a good catalogue after a while, means I won’t have to go looking all over the web for new faces when I create new characters – they’ll be there, waiting for names and identities.

So, I don’t know if this is what Pinterest is for… But I like it.


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