Review: Some Girls Bite By Chloe Neill

Title: Some Girls Bite

Author: Chloe Neill

Series: Chicagoland Vampires #1

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Gollancz

Summary (from Goodreads)

Sure, the life of a graduate student wasn’t exactly glamorous, but it was Merit’s. She was doing fine until a rogue vampire attacked her. But he only got a sip before he was scared away by another bloodsucker-and this one decided the best way to save her life was to make her the walking undead.

Turns out her savior was the master vampire of Cadogan House. Now she’s traded sweating over her thesis for learning to fit in at a Hyde Park mansion full of vamps loyal to Ethan “Lord o’ the Manor” Sullivan. Of course, as a tall, green-eyed, four-hundred- year-old vampire, he has centuries’ worth of charm, but unfortunately he expects her gratitude- and servitude. But an inconvenient sunlight allergy and Ethan’s attitude are the least of her concerns. Someone’s still out to get her. Her initiation into Chicago’s nightlife may be the first skirmish in a war-and there will be blood.

What’s Good About It

At last! A heroine who doesn’t fall into the supernatural world arms wide open, ready to kick ass and fall in love with a vampire hottie!

No, Merit is all about wanting her old life back, and hating that she had no choice over her entrance into Chicago’s night life. And it’s great. It’s so different and refreshing.

It could have got old really fast, but because Merit’s reasons for her rebellion were so believable, and she as a character was so relatable, you couldn’t help but route for her as she tries valiantly not to be won over by her new situation. The whole tension between her and Ethan Sullivan was explored in a tantalising way that half had you screaming ‘Stay away from him, the creep!’ while the rest of you was calling something more along the lines of ‘Oh, just rip his clothes off, already!’

It’s a testament to the strength of Neill’s writing that you can have such conflicted feelings as a reader and enjoy it. You are right there with Merit, every step of the way, feeling out this new world as she does.

And the world building was great – Chicago’s supernatural life was brought out of the page in a blaze of glorious colour: from bitchy, fighting nymphs to overenthusiastic shifters and temperamental sorcerers – even the minor players had colourful roles and characterisation.

I really enjoyed reading this, as a bit of light between some of the more depressing YA stuff I’ve been reading lately. I will definitely be checking the library for the next instalments.

What’s Not So Good

Well, I guess there has to be a reason I’m thinking ‘library’ not ‘order the whole lot on Amazon’. And that would be, I guess, that it’s nothing particularly new in terms of plot. I’m not that desperate to know what happens to Merit next, and wouldn’t be entirely heart broken if I never found out.

I enjoyed the time spent in her company, and wouldn’t say no to a second sitting, but that need to know what happens next that defines a 5 star series for me just isn’t there.

Rating: 4/5


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