New Year’s Resolutions (That I Will Inevitably Not Keep)

So, I’ve been looking back at my posts from this time last year and laughing at the resolutions I made and how I managed to totally fail to keep them.

It’s not for a lack of effort, or a lack of good intentions. I think the problem is, you make all these promises to yourself and set out to achieve them, but you have no idea where you’ll be in a week’s time, let alone by the end of the year.

Take, for instance, a promise I made to myself in october. Not a resolution, but something I had every intention of achieving. That was to edit my novel. I was going to do it over the Christmas break. It’s nearly the end of my christmas break now, and I’ve just about reached halfway through – and that’s more reading than editing. The reason? I bought a house. I had no idea I would be finishing that process now in October. So I have spent the past few days working my backside off, painting, decorating, cleaning and generally preparing the new place for moving in to. It rather eats in to the oodles of editing time I thought I would have.

I am going to make some New Year’s resolutions. It wouldn’t be a proper New Year without them. I make them in full awareness that my situation will change, things will happen that affect my priorities. But, it will be nice to look back this time next year (provided the world hasn’t ended) and see how much things have changed, and what unexpected turns my life has taken.

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Get my house fully decorated (within reason – I am aware that it’s a long term project. I just want it so that there is one clear priority at a time, rather than the twenty or so we have at the moment.)
  • Write novel 3
  • Edit novel 2
  • Read and return friend’s books (this was a resolution last year too… I returned two this month, but the were the first two in ages. Fail.)

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