Sunday Recap, 11/12

The weeks seem to be shooting by at the moment. I can hardly believe it’s the 11th of December already. I’m feeling quite pleased that I’ve got the majority of my Christmas shopping done already, including my work secret santa.

It’s been a good week for writing too, with a new idea inspired by a book I read (been doing a lot of reading – three reviews next week!) and the start of an old idea inspired by a random thought in the car. I’ve written well over my target 1000 words, and although they aren’t on the story I intended to add them to, I’m going to chalk this one up as a win.

I think next week will be another week of reading and hopefully a bit of writing too. When I’ve excised the new idea from my head by getting the details typed up and saved, I will return to the story opening and see if I can blitz out the first chapter or so. Then I am off for Christmas for a couple of weeks and I’m hoping to start editing and writing in earnest before I go back to work in January.

Very exciting times!

Target For Next Week

  • Type out story plan
  • Finish chapter one of new story

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