Sunday Recap, 4/12

1. Blogging

Staying on top of things. My buffer of reviews extends into next month, as I’ve done a lot of reading lately, but I still need to keep up with my wednesday and friday posts. Have a few ideas, though, so all is good.

2. Writing

I wrote another song (almost) and have found a winter writing competition that I intend to enter, so things are looking good here too.

3. Exercise

Ah, my weekly foil. I have been for a very brisk walk around town while doing some shopping, so I’ve not been completely lazy.

4. Music

I wrote a song (yes, I am claiming double points for that) and discovered some interesting chords on the guitar in my quest to find chords I can transition between easily. G6add11 anyone? It’s very easy to get to from C and Fmaj7.

Targets for next week

  • Get some words done on my story for the writing comp. Aiming for a 1000, but not going to feel too bad if I fall short!

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