Sunday Recap, 27/11

The fact that this post is going up so late is indicative of the sort of week I’ve had. It feels a little, at the moment, like the more I try to take control the more things are thrown my way which I then struggle to manage. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays, during which I’ll only have to worry about moving house and decorating and other such things which are nice things to worry about.

1. Blogging

Rather than increasing my buffer of posts, I’ve actually now completely depleted it. I’m about to write a review to schedule for tomorrow, but beyond that I won’t have anything. I will have to find some time on Wednesday to catch up with the blog and hopefully rebuild the buffer, otherwise this one area in which I have consistently not been failing will start to go down the pan with the rest!

2. Writing

Much like last week, actual writing has been nil, but I have been adding to my notebook (with a little help from Ivy, the master of finding faces to match your characters) and have made some notes on a story idea I had mid week.

3. Exercise

Unless you count keeping warm in gale force winds for three hours and lugging music equipment into town and back as exercise… none.

4. Music

Not Quite played the town light switch on this saturday, which was really nice. We polished off our christmas repertoire and pulled out a few favourites. We had a few issues with our new sound set up – mostly distortion from wind and too high volumes, and at one point our music did actually launch itself from our music stand, but other than that I thought it went very well. A good practise run for some of the songs we’ll be doing at our upcoming ‘gigs’ and we got picked up for another market. Not Quite – Queens of the Farmers’ Market scene XD

Targets For Next Week

  • Blog posts!!

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